Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Got a Room

At the Porters' place. Nice family. Still have to figure out what the hell it is I'm going to do. The cops won't do anything, but whoever this gang is they fucking DUG UP MY SISTER'S GRAVE.

No. Fuck no. This will not fucking stand.

This Is Bullshit

Someone went and fucking dug up Allie's grave. And took the body. And carved the goddamn XX into the headstone. And broke into the house, and spray-painted the same damn thing on the door, and the cops won't do fucking ANYTHING.

Won't even put me in protective custody. This is - I'm pretty damn sure they're REQUIRED to do that, or something, I don't know but I'm not staying in that house any more. I've got Gabe with me, and we're in the car and we're not staying anywhere.

I'm going to go to Prathertown, see if I can't find somewhere to stay there. That allows dogs.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Job-Hunting and Funeral

So there isn't anywhere for me to work in town. Can't really say I'm surprised. Like I said, this place is really freaking small. Like, there's nothing here type small. It's mostly farms, and they're not huge things that need another hired hand around. Especially if the hired hand is a scrawny city kid who couldn't even finish a bachelor's degree in English.

Drove over to the only other place within a reasonable distance of this place. I swear, this is the ass end of the world. There is no one around for miles. I hate being back here. This was the whole reason I wanted to go to college in the first place. This place is mind-numbingly boring. But I'm getting off-track. Anyway. Went job-hunting in Prathertown. For the first few hours I was basically just wandering from business to business and asking if they were hiring on entry-level positions, because nobody and I mean nobody around here cares enough to set up a website, because they already know everyone around. So I was getting the evil eye everywhere. They don't like outsiders here.

I remember that from when I was here before. This is like some town you'd see in, I dunno, To Kill A Mockingbird or something. I don't remember exactly what that town was like but whatever, you get the point. Some small town where everybody knows everybody's names and you swear you hear banjos when you walk down the street so you start walking faster and really hoping you don't hear anybody asking you if you can squeal like a piggy.

Getting off-track again. Sorry. I'm distracted. I found a bunch of CDs in a closet here and I'm working my way through them. I remember listening to them as a kid. Jethro Tull. Good band. Allie used to play their stuff on the guitar and sing along when we were growing up here. Her favorite was "Thick As A Brick". I always liked "Bungle in the Jungle", though. So I'm listening to that, and my mind keeps wandering off. That's one of the things I'm going to miss most, if I'm honest. This was what we did together. We'd listen to these songs and sing along. The rest of the family was always too busy to spend too much time with me, but Allie was always my best friend. I'm going to miss doing that with her.

I couldn't find her guitar around anywhere, though. No case either. I guess she sold it.

Anyway. I went to Prathertown and started asking about jobs, and apparently I've been gone long enough that people forgot what I looked like and I qualify as an outsider now. When I told them I was the Jacobs kid that went off to college, they gave me this look like they didn't believe me, said I'd gotten taller. And offered their condolences. "I'm so sorry" everywhere I go, like I wanted to hear that. If you want to help me cope, give me a job, don't give me pity. I don't want to dwell on it.

Finally found a job with Mrs. Porter's restaurant at the end of the day. I start tomorrow. It's a family business, so I was kind of surprised when she actually gave me the job, even if it is just waiting tables. But she said she thought it'd be best if I spent some time away from the house and that she didn't want to leave somebody in my position twisting in the wind. The rest of her family agreed. So I'm their newest waiter now, along with Mrs. Porter's daughter.

...That went on a lot longer than I expected to just say "I got a job at a restaurant".

Also, the police still don't have any leads, but they say they're done with Allie now. Or Allie's body. Whatever. Is it still Allie? I don't know. I don't really want to think about it. I made arrangements for a funeral. Or I bought a coffin and a headstone, really. I couldn't really afford anything else. And it's just going to be me. Can't even afford a priest. Not that I think Allie would want one.

I don't particularly want one either. This is something I think should just be between me and my sister. We were both kind of everything the other one had, I think. So... privacy.

It's starting in a few minutes. I'm leaving now.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gang Sign

I'm pretty sure I'm going to get jumped in some alley by a bunch of Klan members or something before the week is out.

I think Allie was killed by some sort of gang. That sign cut into her back is graffitied all over the place here. Well, not really all over the place, but enough that you can see it if you know what you're looking for. And it's usually got "EMBRACE" written under it, too. So Allie was into drugs and they killed her because she couldn't pay, or something? It'd make sense. She obviously didn't have much in the way of cash, judging by how empty the house is.

I hate to think she'd actually do that. Allie was kind of a role model for me. It sucks to think she might've gotten hooked on something and ended up killed and cut up with some gang sign as a warning. And I can only think of one way she might've paid, which sucks even more.

And it'd explain why the cops are telling me they don't have any leads. Like, at all. This graffiti isn't exactly rare, and there's almost no cops here, so if they're outnumbered they might just be too frightened to actually finger the guys. Or they're bought off. Whatever.

So I'm living in a house where a gang murder took place, have nobody to turn to but the cops who are too scared to offer protection, am running out of cash in a big hurry, and unless I'm very much mistaken I'm also being followed by one of those gang members. Already.

And Hornblower just took a crap in the middle of the floor.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Moving In

So apparently Allie had a dog. And not much else.

I hate doing it, but I'm out of cash and I need to stay somewhere. So yeah. I'm living in Allie's old house now. In her guest bedroom. Avoiding the fuck out of hers. I'm not going in there. I don't care if it's been cleaned. It's not like there's anything in there I want to see anyway.

Not that there's anything I want to see in the rest of the house. I think Allie was lying to me about her own money problems. I don't think she could really have afforded to let me stay with her. Not for long, anyway. Judging by how empty this place is. The house is huge. There's just no furniture in it. There's the couch and TV and coffee table in the living room, and a table with two chairs in the kitchen, and the beds, and a little towel rack in the bathroom and a tiny dresser in both bedrooms. And that's it. Overhead lights, no lamps. No shelves for movies or books or whatever. No extra chairs for guests except the one in the kitchen, and I think she bought that for me because it looks pretty new.

I think most of her money went towards the dog I mentioned. His name's Gabriel Hornblower Jacobs, apparently. According to the tag, anyway. Jacobs is our family name. Looks like Allie adopted him or something. He's a boxer. Big dog, but he's friendly. Seems to like me, at least. And his dog house is the nicest thing around for miles. It looks like Allie made it by hand. And there's lots of dog treats around and everything. This dog was her life.

Well, if she adopted him, I guess he's mine now. And I like him, too. So I've got to come up with some way to feed him. I'm going into town tomorrow to look for a job. If there's any to be found in the ass end of nowhere, I mean. I've never seen a town this small. But I've got to pay the bills somehow, so I'm going to try anyway.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Next Of Kin

They called me in to verify that the body was hers. Not that they really needed it, but... yeah. That was fun.

She was stabbed twelve times in the back with some sort of broad-bladed knife, it looks like. Twelve big long lines carved into her. Pretty deep, as well. And the wounds were in a sort of weird pattern, like two Roman-numeral X's right next to each other.

Had to go be sick for a while, after that. I was majoring in economics, not forensics. So that wasn't exactly cool.

I'm going to miss her. Allie was always the one I liked, in my family. She was my best friend growing up.  She was the only one who actually was willing to help me out when I lost my scholarships. I was looking forward to seeing her again.

They said they found her will, too, when they were searching the house. It's all mine, apparently, as soon as the cops are done investigating.

I'm in no hurry. I don't know how much time I want to spend in the house where my big sister was ritual-murdered.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Take A Seat, Boy

Well. I was going to use this as a photo album journal kind of thing, since I'm moving back home and wanted somewhere to dump all my thoughts and pictures to look at later. I mean, it's been years since I've been to Montgomery Village. I didn't expect to particularly like it, 'cause I didn't like it even when I was here as a kid - it's always been really boring, it's the kind of small country town you only see in movies - but I still wanted to be able to talk about things. I figured I'd need the outlet for the stress, even if it's just to bitch about stuff, since I'm moving back here after losing my college scholarships and not finding a job and running myself into the ground in debt and all that shit. Moving back to live with my sister.

Or I would have been, if I hadn't just driven in to town and found the house surrounded by police tape.

Allie's been murdered. I guess this is going to be the place I post about her investigation, or something. If I post here at all. I dunno. I'm kind of numb, right now. I don't even know why I'm posting this much. Or posting anything at all. I should just go to sleep, but I'm not sleepy. I'm just sitting on the bed and staring at the TV - there's only thirteen channels, I swear, everything sucks out here in the sticks - and typing whatever comes into my head.

So... whatever. South Park is coming on. I'm gonna watch that. And probably take a few sleeping pills in a minute.